• Domain Registration

    Don't know where good place to register your bisuness domain? Come with us --

    we offered about 300 domains registered with us. customer feel safe and stay longer. onemore thing client be able to manage their dns with their hand in our user-freindly-interface domain control panel by their username and password.

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  • Hosting Service

    Hard to find stable, secure and reasonable price? Come with us --

    About 10 years experince with hosting service in linux and windows we got admired from customer and stay with us more than 5 years basis. because of our good service, responsible and stabilization not only hosting serivce but also email.

    Access to Hosting Plan
  • Web Development

    We are served customers with quality Web Applicatoin and Development base on budget

    Our team is dymanic team work smart and resposible for project which got from client. Most client more satisfied with what they had paid. Moreover, we are able to built any web application such as Human Resource Management System, Accounting System with goverment tax feature, Stock Managment, and etc...

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Plan B

For small bussiness
$40.00 /Per year
  • Free Domain
  • 2 Domains Addon
  • 1024MB Storage Space
  • 50GB Traffic
  • 40 Email Accounts
  • 20 Email Lists
  • Linux OS
  • Support 24/h
  • cPanel
  • No Backup

Plan C

For large bussiness
$60.00 /Per year
  • Free Domain
  • 4 Domains Addon
  • 3GB Storage Space
  • 100GB Traffic
  • 60 Email Accounts
  • 20 Email Lists
  • Linux OS
  • Support 24/h
  • cPanel
  • No Backup

Plan D

For corporate bussiness
$70.00 /Per year
  • Free Domain
  • 5 Domains Addon
  • 5GB Storage Space
  • 150GB Traffic
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 50 Email Lists
  • Linux OS
  • Support 24/h
  • cPanel
  • No Backup

Plan Unlimited

For enterprise bussiness
$80.00 /Per year
  • Free Domain
  • 10 Domains Addon
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Email
  • Unlimited Email Lists
  • Linux OS
  • Support 24/h
  • cPanel
  • No Backup

Who we are?

What you pay is what you get.

since 2007 we just a small reseller account.

we were built our capacity step by step to VPS(Virtual Private Server) on 2009

nowaday we own our dedicated server and provide direct service support to our client in cambodia more than 700 (seven hundred) clients

furthermore, we expended our services to consultant Network infrastructure and configuration also maintenance.

the present, we are provided the server web design and develop also web application which help to our client can track their bussiness online.

What could our client expect?

  • Money just like donation to our services. It not priority

    mostly our client alway get our service at lease one month in case they satisfied with our service so that we will charge the money from them. we never charge customers before we provided the service

  • Timely support

    customers will get our commitment AS SOON AS possible for feed back and solved the problem.

  • Security and Maintenance

    we take care our customer by checking, cleaning and inform to client about their website problem ontime